Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom darker than its predecessor

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom brings dinosaurs back to the big screen this weekend in the sequel to what's become the fifth biggest movie of all time - Jurassic World.

So, how does the new dino flick stack up?

Well, for a start, Chris Pratt is back. Not put off by his multitudinous brushes with instant dinosaur death in Jurassic World, he's talked into returning to the island by his old flame.

Bryce Dallas Howard galloped around the jungle in her stilettos last time, but now it's all sensible shoes and a serious gear change. Howard is most definitely in the driving seat this time around.

The character she portrays, Claire, talks Owen (Pratt) into a rescue mission in this instalment. 

This time around, Owen's prehistoric pet raptor Blue, our favourite T-Rex, and all their mates are in grave danger of being barbequed. So the star-crossed lovers must return to their island of woe to try and save them.

Obviously, no good sequel can live on a simple dino-volcano rescue mission alone. This serves only to kick off a far bigger story, with far bigger consequences. 

A couple of things to note - this chapter is directed by Spanish horror-aficionado J A Bayona, and he brings those sensibilities into play here. This film feels darker than its predecessor and certainly creepier. Also, be warned - if you love Jeff Goldblum, make the most of him when you see him.

I loved the last Jurassic World and I loved this one too. I get that these new outings may lack the super fan shock and awe of that first Spielberg experience, but for me, this still delivered on the big-screen blockbuster dino action, upped the ante on the scare factor and doubled-down on some seriously creepy spookiness. 

Four stars.