Review: Ocean's 8 plot twists are about as cerebral as the bedazzling

From the man who made Seabiscuit and Lassie, we have Ocean's 8.

We've had Ocean's 11, 12 and 13 but now, weirdly, we're 8.

It seems when it comes to female-led heist movies, 8 is enough; the gender pay gap in fact extending to the overall budget.

But hey, to balance out the gender jokes let me say that in fairness, a job that takes 13 men really only needs 8 women to polish off (and likely while they doing three other full-time jobs at the same time).

So here we are, living in a brave new world where women can be blockbuster criminals as well, and Sandra Bullock and her pals are here to prove it.

Bullock is Debbie Ocean... the charming career criminal sister of George Clooney's just as charming career criminal Danny.

Five years in the slammer has given her cause to re-think her life. OK, not at all.

She gets out and on a mission to recruit a band of besties to pull off the perfect diamond heist.

And these are some bankable bone fide besties - two fellow Oscar winners (Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway), a multi-Grammy winner (Rihanna), not to mention actual British royalty - practically (Helena Bonham Carter).

Their target, Hathaway's egocentric A-lister Daphne Kluger and the gazillion dollar Cartier necklace she simply must wear to the ball, the gala in the fact, New York's Met Gala.

Here, of course, you can cue some serious fashion porn, a veritable potpourri of celebrity cameos accompanied by Oceans of cool tunes and cute editing, as the heist hits its straps.

The plot twists are about as cerebral as the bedazzling but if your expectations are in keeping with a nice night out with the girls, then this is unlikely to seriously disappoint.

Three stars.


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