Review: TAG might be the worst film of 2018

It's good timing really - almost exactly half way through the year - to have an instant and absolute contender for Worst Film of the Year.

Hey TAG - you're it.

I was a big fan of 'Go Home Stay Home' as a kid, so I'm not going to lie, I liked the trailer for this film and I liked the idea.

This is a film based on a story in the Wall Street Journal about a group of men who, 30 years on from being boyhood buddies…still play tag. As in, 'tag, you're it'.

And 'it' in this film, is Jeremy Renner. He's the one guy who in 30 years has never been tagged.

His mates decide his time has come, and they know exactly where he'll be: at his own wedding.

Hollywood dishes out the stock mandatory personalities to each player. Jake Johnson plays the stoner guy, Ed Helms the kind of normal guy, Jon Hamm is the handsome successful guy, and the funny nerdy guy is played by Hannibal Buress.

Renner plays the reformed-alcoholic-now-super-fit gym-guy.

Throw in Isla Fisher as basically the same woman she played in Wedding Crashers, and Brit Annabelle Wallis as the Wall Street journalist, and just sit back and let the unfunny unfold.

If not being funny was this alleged comedy's only crime, I may have left the cinema as a normal person, rather than the rage-engulfed madwoman I was.

Gags involving waterboarding and miscarriages were made even worse by the seeping self-awareness of 'we know this is bad taste, but if we acknowledge that in the gag then we're safe, right?'

There was just no forgiveness left inside me…just a desperate urge to run screaming from the building.

Half a star.