Suzy Cato petition has more supporters than petition against 'poisoning' Hunua Ranges

  • 14/06/2018

A petition to get your favourite childhood star back on Dancing with the Stars now has over 5000 signatures.

It's had more than signatures than a petition 'Against poisoning the Hunua Ranges with 1080, and more than a petition to Grant Robertson to ban fireworks, which has just over 200 people signing it.

The petition claims that Suzy Cato was "unfairly voted off" the programme on Mondays show, and is urging for her to be brought back.

Judges were in tears when they voted her off in the dance off, saving Shavaughn Ruakere.

The online petition also claims that ACT party leader David Seymour should exit the show in place of Ms Cato.

"Suzy deserves to be there! She accepted her defeat with respect and professionalism. Bring back Suzy." One person commented on the petition page.

Twitter users have also shared their thoughts about Ms Cato being voted off the show.

Comedian Guy Williams even shared his disappointment saying "Suzy Cato got voted off DWTSNZ?! This is the most crushing blow to my childhood memories since I found out Suzy Cato was on DWTSNZ"

"On the plus side... there is no plus side Suzy Cato is gone" He adds.

Another user tweeting "Still in shock, upset, disappointed, disillusioned...can't say much more really, Change the rules... just wrong"

Suzy sung her famous "See you, see you later, it's time for me to go" upon her exit and Ms Cato has received plenty of support since her elimination.