The Block NZ is back: Meet the teams

The Block NZ will be returning to our screens on July 8, bringing with it another gruelling 12-week challenge that will see four teams battle it out to create the ultimate dream home.

Each team will be putting their renovation prowess to the test on a three-story family home based in Auckland's Hobsonville Pt.

"The competition element of this show has never before been so fierce," says host Mark Richardson.

"More than ever these teams are going to need to work hard, play by the rules and think strategically."

The builds will be overseen by site foreman Peter 'The Wolfman' Wolfkamp, whose name sounds scary, but who seems to have a lot of faith in the competitors.

"I have no doubt they will be as entertaining as they are competitive," he says.

So, without further ado, let's find out who is strapping on their tool belt this season.

Amy, 39 and Stu, 46 - The couple from Gisborne

Amy and Stu are The Block's oldest couple - something they say will give them an edge over the other competitors.They're parents to their kids and two cats.

Stu loves to surf and sink a couple of cold ones, while Amy boasts the fastest Brazilian wax in town at her job as a beauty therapist.

They've both had a go at renovation before, with Amy bringing the creative flair, while Stu handles the plumbing and painting.

Biggest DIY disaster: "The time I was mowing the lawns and a stone flew out and hit an ex-girlfriend... whoops," says Stu.

Party trick: "I can fold my legs underneath my body," says Amy. We're not sure what this means, but we really hope there's a reason for Amy to show it off this season.

Biggest fear about being on The Block: Disappointing the judges. 

Will win it because: "We have our heads screwed on and we don't muck around - Stu is the hardest worker I've ever known," says Amy. Talk about cute!

The Block NZ is back: Meet the teams
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Ben and Tom, both 24 - The mates from Auckland

These guys might be young, but they've got skills: Ben is an architectural graduate and a self-confessed workaholic, while Tom is a project manager and self-professed handyman.

Both of their jobs require some serious renovation knowledge, but they still find time for motorbikes, water sports and banter.

Ben could be one to watch in the drama stakes, claiming he "resolves arguments by winning them". Yeesh!

Tom reckons his ability to manage effectively helps him keep Ben's tendency towards shortcuts under control.

Biggest DIY disaster: None, but only because they don't have any DIY experience.

Party trick: "Tom can do a back-flip and he can eat a whole lot of chillies and remained chilled," says Ben. Tom sounds like a good guy to bring to a party.

Biggest fear about being on The Block: Designing something no one likes, and having to be critiqued by the entire country.

Will win it because: "We are driven. We will have a clear vision from the outset and will make sure we see it through."

The Block NZ is back: Meet the teams
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Chlo and Em, both 25 - The BFFS from Palmerston North

Chlo and Em are besties from way back and say they can sweet-talk their way into and out of any situation.

Like all good friendships, they each bring something to the party: Chlo loves to make lists and stay organised, while Em calls herself a serial hugger and could be distracted by her weakness for cute tradies.

Em already owns her own home and has renovated it creatively but on a budget, and Chlo loves to paint and design. Bases are pretty well covered.

Most likely to fight about: "Car directions, especially when we are hungry or tired."

Party trick: Twerking and re-writing song lyrics.

Biggest fear about being on The Block: Not finishing a room.

Will win it because: "The style of our house will be timeless."

The Block NZ is back: Meet the teams
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Claire, 26 and Agni, 23 - Soulmates from Hamilton

The couple that lifts together, stays together - if these two gym junkies are anything to go by. She's a personal trainer, he co-owns and manages a gym. It's a match made in protein-powder heaven.

The pair have previously renovated their own home, which they now rent out while they live with Agni's mum and their two dogs.

They reckon their fitness levels, which are balanced by Claire's love of crystals and spiritual side, will be key to their success.

Biggest DIY disaster: "Agni pulling the trigger to a big staple gun into the palm of his hand," says Claire. This does not bode well.

Most likely to fight about: Anything and everything - due to the lack of sleep.

Party trick: "We are the party trick."

Will win it because: "We will be making intelligent and practical decisions every step of the way."   

The Block NZ is back: Meet the teams
Photo credit: MediaWorks

The 2018 season of The Block NZ premieres on Three, Sunday July 8 at 7pm and continues Monday-Wednesday at 7:30pm.