The Spinoff TV to be hosted by Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden

Set to feature the trademark mix of intelligence and humour which has made the website a hit, The Spinoff TV launches in late June and will be hosted by Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden.

The show, airing on Three on Friday nights, will include sharp, snappy videos covering current affairs, pop culture and media from the week wrapped in a studio package.

Alex and Leonie are just part of a 'dream team' consisting of both The Spinoff's own seasoned veterans and favourite outside collaborators.

"I've watched and written about local TV for so long, that it seems only fair that I should now be chewed up into its hungry gullet like Mike Teavee in Willy Wonka," says Alex.

"Also like Mike Teavee, I fully intend on wearing a glamorous cowboy hat at some point."

Leonie says she loves how "weird" New Zealand is.

"I'm very proud of our particular brand of eccentricity. The Spinoff TV is a great opportunity to prod the soft underbelly of New Zealand weirdness with a stick," she says.

"Is it likely a gross-smelling substance will leak out onto our shoes? Absolutely."

MediaWorks chief news officer Hal Crawford says, "This is New Zealand's best pop culture and media news brand coming to television. The Spinoff TV is a natural fit with Newshub and Three."

Alongside the hosts, The Spinoff TV's core cast will also include Tom Sainsbury, José Barbosa, Angella Dravid, Ra Pomare and Madeleine Chapman.

Segments will include Kiwis of Snapchat, Kaupapa on the Couch, Repressed Memories and the best of The Spinoff's podcast stable - including political animals Gone by Lunchtime and whipsmart feminist commentary from On the Rag.

The Spinoff TV is made thanks to production partners at Great Southern Television, the team at Three and funding from NZ on Air. It premieres on June 22 at 9.45pm on Three and then on ThreeNow.