Watch Meghan Markle's car blunder with the Queen during their first trip together

  • 15/06/2018

Meghan Markle may have just made history by being the first young royal to be invited to travel on the Queen's train, but she's still got a lot to learn about royal protocol.

The Duchess Of Sussex joined Her Majesty for a day of engagements in Cheshire on Thursday - Meghan's first royal appearance without her new husband Prince Harry.

Shortly after their arrival, the women made their way to a waiting car, where the logistical snafu unfolded.

Meghan made a beeline for the open door, before stopping and hesitating about who should get in first.

According to People, the new royal asked the Queen Elizabeth, "What is your preference?"

The Monarch wasted no time in clarifying the proper process, replying "You go first".

Despite the blunder, Meghan and her grandmother-in-law appear to be having a whale of a time together.

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth in Cheshire.
Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth in Cheshire. Photo credit: Getty

The pair were captured in fits of giggles while watching the opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge.