Whangarei to get its Hundertwasser Arts Centre

  • 02/06/2018

The Hundertwasser Arts Centre is set to open in Whangarei.

The proposed centre has been in the works for the last 25 years, and has finally gained Government approval and funding.

Chairman of the Whangarei Art Museum Trust, Grant Faber, says the centre will create more jobs for Northland.

"Something like 60 jobs during construction, then [another 30] jobs for running the art centre, retail store, the restaurant."

The centre will display 50 of the Austrian-born artist Friedrich Hundertwasser's original works, and will house Māori fine art.

Community fundraising for the building met the official target of $21 million last June with the help of $3 million from the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage, so the Government's put in another $6.4 million from the Provincial Growth Fund.

"People estimate there will be over 200,000 visitors a year," said Mr Faber. "The contribution from all those visitors will be in the region of $26 million every year to the Northland economy."

The building will also have a rooftop garden.