YouTube star Jamie Curry comes out, announces engagement in emotional new video

New Zealand social media star Jamie Curry has come out and announced her engagement in a heartfelt new YouTube video.

After several months of absence from YouTube, Curry told her 1.3 million followers she's had been struggling with unhappiness and had put on weight.

"I just wasn't happy," she said. "I didn't want to be on camera because I didn't feel comfortable with myself."

She didn't feel attracted to men or women, and questioned her sexuality.

"I tried to find my label," she told her audience. "Am I gay? Am I bi?"

Then she found the right person and fell in love for the first time - that person was a woman.

She has since asked her partner to marry her, and the couple are now happily engaged.

The announcement led to rejoicing from her fans.

"I've been following you since 2013 and I've never been more proud or happy for you," one said.

"I'm literally screaming and in tears from that video & ima be here to continue to love and support you & watch you grow."