Albi and the Wolves hit the road for Kiwi folk tour

Three Kiwi folk bands are about to hit the road for the Great New Zealand Folk Revival Tour.

One of the groups playing is Albi and the Wolves - but the trio isn't like other folk bands.

Their unique sound draws from genres such as rock, RnB and soul.

"We all come from different backgrounds, so bringing all those backgrounds together and seeing what happens when you put those backgrounds together is the Albi and the Wolves sound," says band member Michael Young.

The band's frontman, Chris Dent, is 'Albi'.

"I'm an albino, and in high school I was dubbed Albi and so I've kind of worn that as a badge of pride," he told Newshub.

Young, along with Pascal Roggen, are the Wolves.

The trio formed just four years ago and already they're making waves in the New Zealand music scene. This year they picked up the Tui for Best Folk Artist.

"It's a great sort of recognition of the effort and the quality of what we've produced so it's great to have that recognised," said Young.

Following their own success, the band's hitting the road with two other Kiwi folk groups from July 26 for the Great NZ Folk Revival Tour.

"I think we're taking 15 or 16 people on the road, and we're careering around the country and playing music and eating and joking. You couldn't really ask for more than that and I think the gigs are going to be fantastic," Dent said.

After this tour, they'll be taking centre stage for their very own.

"We'll be doing a 23 date tour later this year, careering around on our own," said Dent. "And we might be dropping a single, maybe."

You can catch Albi and the Wolves at Auckland's Tuning Fork on July 26, Kakaramea Hall in New Plymouth on July 27, and Paekakariki Hall in Wellington on July 28.



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