David Spade talks new movie, his sister-in-law's death

Just a month after funeral services for his sister-in-law, comic-actor David Spade was back to business, promoting his new movie. But he also offered a few words about his family tragedy.

On June 5, a housekeeper found 55-year-old fashion designer Kate Spade dead in her Manhattan apartment, which police ruled a suicide by hanging. Kate married David's brother, entrepreneur Andy Spade, in 1994.

Less than three weeks after Spade's death, her father, Earl Brosnahan, died at age 89, the day before his daughter's funeral.

"It's all - everyone's pulling it together," David Spade said of his family. "And I think we're getting in the best place we can at this point."

Shortly after his wife's death, Andy Spade released a statement noting she had "suffered from depression and anxiety".

Less than two weeks later, David Spade made a $100,000 donation to advocacy group the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which provides education, as well as support for families impacted by the disease.

When asked about the donation, Spade replied, "Well, I think there's a lot of people that are at a lot of different levels of situations. [New York] is a tough town. It gets stressful. And everybody feels like they're an inch away from a breakdown. It's very hard. So, you can't look down at those people. You just say, 'Hey! You help each other out if you can.'"

Spade's new film, the comedy Father of the Year, debuts this weekend on Netflix.