Did Lindsay Lohan publicly threaten to fire an employee over her shoes?

Did Lindsay Lohan publicly threaten to fire an employee over her shoes?
Photo credit: Instagram

Former movie star Lindsay Lohan appears to have threatened to summarily dismiss one or two of her workers over their choices of footwear.

The Freaky Friday star owns a club and restaurant called Lohan Beach House, on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Lohan left two eye-raising comments under a recent Instagram post of the establishment that featured two glamorously dressed female employees.

"Wear the same shoes please... or you're fired," she commented.

Lindsay Lohan wants to fire her employees over mismatched shoes.

Although Lohan may have been joking with her comments, some people have been less than amused.

"You was fired long time ago. Trash. Manage your staff correctly and not over Instagram. Who do you think you are," commented Instagram @danpharrison, along with a frowning emoji.

"You couldn't have told them personally they needed different shoes? What a nasty undeserving piece of work you are, of course most of Hollywood knows that already," added @the_difficult_kind.

Recently, news broke that Lohan would be the star of an upcoming reality TV show.

It's reportedly being developed by the company behind Keeping Up With the Kardashians and will be based on the Lohan Beach House business.

Gossip publication Page Six says the show will begin filming in August.


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