Newshub chats to the cast of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Oh lord, here we go again. 

Not even executive producer Tom Hanks can resist the undeniable pull of an Abba tune. 

Ten years it's been since Meryl Streep and three of the worst male singers she could find took the first Mamma Mia to the top of the box office. Now, a sequel is out with the original cast plus some newbies. 

"We all fell back into our old roles, not much has changed," says Dominic Cooper, who stars in the film alongside his ex, Amanda Seyfried. 

"We all just got a bit baggier and more creased, but we had such fun, such a laugh."

You'll be relieved to know Pierce Brosnan doesn't sing as much in this one, but be warned, there will still be spandex.

"To hear these guys - especially Stellan [John Skarsgård] and Colin Firth bitterly complaining about the spandex and the boots - it was an endless source of mirth on the set... endless," says Christine Baranski, who returns in the sequel.  

One thing no one was complaining about was this stroke of casting genius. Superstar Cher stars in the sequel as the mother of Streep's character. 

"I loved the first movie and I thought it would be fun to play Meryl's mother," Cher says. 

Not only does Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again gift to the world Cher, you also get to hear Cher singing 'Fernando'. 

This magical Mamma Mia match-up is already raking in the money. The film only hit cinemas in New Zealand on Thursday, recording the biggest opening day ever in the country for a musical.


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