He used to sleep rough, now Ed Sheeran has won permission to install 'anti-homeless' rails outside his house

  • 17/07/2018

Ed Sheeran has won permission to install 'anti-homeless' railings outside his four-story Kensington home, despite having slept rough on the streets of London at one stage himself.

The pop star's planning agent said in the application that the four-foot -high railings would "help to deter rough sleeping... and provide the applicant with a desirable level of security".

Sheeran previously shared his experiences of sleeping on the street in his 2014 book A Visual Journey.

"There was an arch outside Buckingham Palace that has a heating duct and I spent a couple of nights there. That's where I wrote the song 'Homeless'," he said.

The proposal for the security measure was originally submitted last year, but was rejected as the railings didn't meet the aesthetic requirements for the affluent neighborhood.

Sheeran angrily hit back at media reports of the 'anti-homeless' rails at the time in a Instagram post, claiming they were instead anti-paparazzi.

"Dear Natalie Edwards from The Sun newspaper. Your story is bollocks, I have done lots of work in the past for Crisis and Shelter and would never build railings outside my home for that reason," he wrote.

"The reason was to keep the paps that you employ from being on my doorstep. Have a good day."

Sheeran's debut solo single 'The A Team' was written following his experiences playing a gig at homeless shelter.