Intense trailer released for David Farrier's Dark Tourist Netflix series

David Farrier is seen touching an actual corpse, ducking for cover in a war zone, involved in a voodoo ceremony and in conversation with a real-life killer in the first trailer for his upcoming Netflix series, Dark Tourist.

The show centers on the former Newshub reporter travelling to locations around the globe that people specifically holiday in because of their association with death and destruction.

"Farrier, who journeyed into one of the darkest corners of the internet in the hit 2016 documentary Tickled, now sets his sights on the world of dark tourism - from Charles Manson's best friend, to Pablo Escobar's most trusted assassin, to the woman about to marry notorious UK criminal Charles Bronson," says Netflix.

"Armed with only his curiosity and trademark sardonic wit, Farrier travels to Latin America, the United States, Europe, Japan, Africa, Southeast Asia and the ex-soviet Stans, to try and understand the phenomenon of dark tourism."

Dark Tourist consists of eight episodes, which will be released in New Zealand on Netflix on July 20.