Interview: Troye Sivan opens up about coming out

Pop superstar Troye Sivan has opened up to The Project about his coming out story, and his incredible rise to fame which has now seen him enter the movie scene.

He recently held a listening party with a group of lucky Kiwis to promote his new album Bloom.

"I've always had this affinity to Kiwis in general, I feel like you guys just get it," he told The Project.

As a teenager Sivan posted songs online from his bedroom in Perth, and now his fans and friends include Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

He's also starring alongside Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe in the new film Boy Erased, about gay conversion therapy.

"I have some friends in the States who either came really close to their parents sending them off, or I have one friend who's gone through it. It goes without saying but it's been proven to be extraordinarily harmful."

Sivan says when he was going through his own coming out journey he had "a sigh of relief when I realised it wasn't something I could change".

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