Kimbra launches her new album Primal Heart

Kimbra's latest album Primal Heart is all about courage and tackling your fears.

"I think I've shared a new side of myself on this new record. I tried to really feature the voice in a very raw way and bring it out of the production." 

Living in New York has contributed to her musical success.

But one of her favourite moments has been working in the EastWest studio in Hollywood, where the likes of The Beach Boys recorded one of their albums.

"Playing on a piano that Frank Sinatra had in his home and I had Pino Palladino who is a very famous bass player who has worked with Nine Inch Nails and musicians that I've looked up to for so long. Playing my songs you know, in this studio."

She's always proud to come home though.

"I just kind of feel myself ground whenever I get back here. It's something to do with the air and the nature and being with my family in Hamilton."

As though a new album wasn't enough, she's also been working on a film that highlights New Zealand music.

"It's nerve racking to step into a new field but I'm really a big believer of tackling your fears head on and I think my record Primal Heart has kind of been all about that."

The film will be released next year and it doesn't mean she's thinking of giving up singing. 

"I guess I'll just start the next record you know, just keep going."

 After performing in Auckland and Wellington, she's now off to Australia.


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