Mark Richardson splits lip open in medieval duel on The Project

Mark Richardson has paid the price for disrespecting medieval duellers earlier this year.

In April, Ben Thomas-Paulson, Dayna Berghan-Whyman and Justin Harris spoke to The Project about their unusual hobby ahead of the 2018 International Medieval World Championships.

Richardson was rather unkind to the guests, saying they were "the type of people I picked on in school".

Those words came back to bite him this week, as he was challenged to a duel in full chainmail with the very people he mocked.

He refused to apologise for his remarks, but offered to buy the trio a round of mead - however that wasn't enough for the knights, who were out for revenge.

After receiving some basic training and being told his safe word was "sorry", Richardson received a beat-down of medieval proportions.

He was knocked about, pushed to the ground and even suffered a split lip before he said the magic word that ended his torture.

Richardson lost all three rounds of the duel but pointed out afterwards that the referee and all three judges were all part of the same duelling club and may have been biased.

"I felt like an old man trying to swing around a very heavy sword," he said of the ordeal.

The former cricketer's fellow hosts were impressed by his courage, with Jeremy Corbett joking that with Richardson's politics he'd have expected him to be at home in the Middle Ages.