Married At First Sight Australia's Tracey Jewel strikes up friendship with Real Housewife of Auckland Angela Stone

Married At First Sight Australia star Tracey Jewel has made a new famous friend during her book tour to New Zealand - Real Housewife of Auckland Angela Stone.

The pair gushed to Woman's Day about their budding friendship, telling the magazine they had been emailing about their shared experiences on reality TV.

"We have so much in common" said Jewel. 

"I thought that I had it bad, but she was bullied so much worse on Housewives."

The Aussie reality star invited Stone to be a guest of honour at the NZ launch of her self-help book, Don't Mess With The Goddess.

Stone is also an author, having published two books:The Style Guide and Being Real.

"I was obsessed with Tracey on MAFS," Stone told Woman's Day.

"I cried when she cried. When I found out she was coming to New Zealand, I knew I had to meet her."

Both women have received nastiness via social media following their appearances on reality TV.

Jewel has been criticized for her partner-swapping on Married At First Sight, and Stone reportedly received threats after sharing a rumour about fellow Real Housewife Gilda Kirkpatrick.

"We talked a lot about online trolls, which we've both found traumatising," said Stone.

But that's not where the common ground ends - Jewel has a tattoo of a diamond, a symbol which Stone uses as her logo for her personal brand.

"We're clearly both on the same page!" Stone said.

The pair is reportedly planning to meet in Sydney later this year to attend a conference by motivational speaker Tony Robbins.