Married At First Sight Australia's Tracey throws serious shade at her exes Sean and Dean

Married At First Sight Australia star Tracey Jewel did not hold back when asked about her famous exes during her New Zealand book tour.

Earlier this week, the reality star spoke to Woman's Day to promote her new self-help book, Don't Mess With The Goddess.

During the interview, she dished the dirt on former TV 'husband' Dean Wells, and told-all about subsequent relationship with fellow cast mate Sean.

"I can totally see why I was matched with Dean, but we're just at different stages in life," she told the magazine. 

"For example, at my book launch in Melbourne, he hooked up with one of my friends, a 21-year-old DJ."

Now back with her ex-boyfriend Patrick Kedemos - who has not appeared on any marriage-based reality shows that we're aware of - Tracey appears to have a sense of humour about her former spouse's antics.

"It's classic Dean. But they lasted a week, which is good for him!" she joked.

When it comes to her other ex-boyfriend, Sean Thomson, Tracey isn't quite as light-hearted.

Sean was originally paired with Blair Rachael, but got together with Tracey during a break in filming.

The couple was together for just five months, and earlier this year Tracey admitted she had "brutally" dumped Sean.

Reminiscing on the relationship now, Tracey says Sean "needs to move on with his life."

"He was aggressive and jealous, and I had to really question why he was with me  I mean, he was much more focused on his Instagram and being seen out at events than on me," she said.

"He's now turned really bitter and has started this anti-Tracey club with another ex-boyfriend of mine."

Of her current, new/old relationship with yet another ex, she says, "I truly believe we're soulmates."

She reportedly rekindled her romance with the 45-year-old French venture capitalist the very same week she broke things off with Sean.

The Perth native said this wasn't her first visit to New Zealand, as she admitted she's a major Lord Of The Rings fan - she's visited Hobbiton and other filming sites several times previously.