Meet LoriiPops - one of NZ's highest-paid streamers

Video streaming service Twitch sees about 15 million fans daily pay to watch their best-loved games played by their favourite personalities.

One of them is a 24-year-old New Zealander named Lorien Gugich - but much more widely known by her screen name, LoriiPops.

She has 93,000 followers, which is enough to mean that playing video games is her full time, paid job.

"Basically I sit on my chair, facing my computer and I'm very hyperactive," LoriiPops told The Project NZ.

"I entertain via my screams, my raging. I play games on the hardest difficulty - so a lot of people like to watch me prevail.

"This industry can be quite sexist at times... I wanted to prove that I can play on the hardest difficulty."

LoriiPops says her passion for gaming started at a young age, when her dad had her on his knee while he played Doom.

She wouldn't say exactly what she makes from Twitch, but says she's comfortable with her earnings from it.

"I can afford to live in my own place and travel to America for all the hot gaming conventions. So it's a pretty decent amount of money for me."

LoriiPops says he earnings have dipped recently as she's had a baby and isn't streaming as much as she'd like to. She also doesn't only stream herself gaming - sometimes, she just does what she calls "IRL stuff", like eating... and people still pay to watch it.


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