Mission: Impossible star held at gunpoint in own home

Actor Ving Rhames of "Monday Mornings" speaks onstage during Turner Broadcasting's 2013 TCA Winter Tour at Langham Hotel on January 4, 2013 in Pasadena, California. 23128_001_CP_1428.JPG
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Mission: Impossible actor Ving Rhames was held at gunpoint by police after neighbours mistook him for a "large black man" breaking into his home.

Discussing his experiences with racism on The Clay Cane Show, Rhames said he had been at his home watching television when he received a knock on his front door. 

"I open the door and there is a red dot pointed at my face from a 9mm [handgun]. They say, 'Put up your hands'," said Rhames.

While the police chief at the scene quickly recognised the 59-year-old star of Mission: Impossible and Pulp Fiction, Rhames said his biggest concern was if his son had answered the door with a video game remote in his hand - which could be confused for a gun.

Following the confrontation, which Rhames said occurred earlier this year, the actor was told by the police they had been alerted by a 911 call from his neighbour that a "large black man" was breaking in.

The Golden Globe winner and police then went across the street to confront the neighbour, who Rhames said denied it. 

"Here I am in my own home, alone in some basketball shorts. Just because someone called and said a large black man is breaking in, when I opened up the wooden door a 9mm is pointed at me," said Rhames.

A spokesperson for the Santa Monica Police Department responded to Rhames' claims by telling The Blast the incident had actually occurred in July 2016.

Police say there had reportedly been many violent home invasions in the area, so believe their response to the incident was appropriate.