New Mission: Impossible film premieres in Paris

Two decades on and with $4 billion in box office revenue, the Mission: Impossible franchise is showing no signs of old age and neither is its star.

Tom Cruise has just premiered his latest instalment Mission: Impossible - Fallout in Paris. The location? The Eiffel Tower, because according to the film's director, Christopher McQuarrie, what Tom says he wants, he gets. Wanting the world premiere of his latest movie at arguably Europe's most famous landmark? Ah, oui oui Monsieur Cruise!

Cruise has good reason to be there. It was on the streets of Paris where once again he embarked on a mission in fact extremely possible - severely maiming himself, at best. Defying the odds on the streets of Paris at pace wasn't enough for Cruise; he wanted to fly his own helicopter stunts after about three lessons. The only country bonkers enough to let him do it was New Zealand.

Cruise wasn't the only one risking life and limb. Henry Cavill, another of the film's stars, enjoyed watching New Zealand from the helicopter. Not even Superman was going to fly his way out of this. Not that he wanted to, as it turns out he's too busy soaking up the stunning views.

"Hanging out of a chopper, then watching the sunset - I will never forget it."

The film opens in New Zealand early next month, and with excellent early reviews touting this as one of his best missions yet, this franchise is showing no signs of self-destructing in the next five seconds.