New Netflix show Insatiable accused of encouraging fat-shaming

A new Netflix show, Insatiable, is already causing controversy with a plotline that critics claim encourages fat-shaming.

The TV series stars Debby Ryan, a former Disney Channel star, donning a fat suit for her role as Patty.

In the two-minute trailer we learn she is called a pig and bullied for being fat. She is then involved in an incident where her jaw is wired shut and she is unable to eat, making her into a skinny, "hot" version of herself.

Patty sets out to seek revenge on her fellow classmates, implying she could only get even with them by being conventionally attractive.

While the show has not aired yet and the jury is still out on how offensive it may be, the trailer hasn't been well received.

One of the stars of the show, Alyssa Milano, known for her role in TV show Charmed, took to Twitter to say there was no shaming of the main character, and the show uses comedy to address the damage of bullying.

Twitter users have started hashtags like #bodyposi to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to be proud, no matter what.