Pickaxe-wielding vandal pulverises Donald Trump's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

US President Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been reduced to rubble after a man took to it with a pickaxe in the early hours of Wednesday morning (US time).

Video obtained by TMZ shows Austin Clay, 24, attacking the street tribute at around 3am, using a pick-axe he carried to Hollywood Boulevard in a guitar case, according to eye-witnesses.

Patricia Cox told CNN she saw a man "going to town" on the ground "like it was his business just to be tearing up the ground".

"I thought it was work going on over here," she said.

Clay dislodged the stone from the sidewalk and rendered it unrecognisable with repeated blows from the digging tool. Onlookers watched and captured the moment on camera, but no one intervened.

The suspect surrendered to police around 4:30am, the LAPD said, but first called police and then fled.

"It's believed he called police himself to report it, but left the scene before they got here," NBC's Jonathan Gonzalez reported.

Clay was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism, and is being held on US$20,000 bail.

It's not the first time Trump's star, earned for his work as a reality TV personality, has been a target for vandals.

In 2016, 53-year-old Jamie Otis attacked the star with a sledge-hammer, resulting in three years of probation, 20 days of community service and several fines.