Popular YouTube trio die after falling over a waterfall

Megan Scraper and Alexey Lyakh
Megan Scraper and Alexey Lyakh Photo credit: Facebook

Two Canadian YouTubers have died while trying to save one of their girlfriends, who slipped and fell nearly 100 feet over a waterfall, according to CBC.

Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh were killed, along with Lyakh's partner Megan Scraper, after they were swept away by the currents at Shannon Falls in Canada.

Witnesses reported seeing Scraper fall from the rocks at the top of the British Columbian waterfall.

Her boyfriend and friend both jumped into the water to try to rescue her, but all three were carried away by the strong currents.

Gamble and Lyakh made up half of a four-man travel vlogging collective called High On Life. Scraper also made her living through social media.

On their Facebook page, the YouTube personalities said they had been "friends since high school and have been making videos ever since".

According to Buzzfeed, the group had over 2.5 million followers across all their social media accounts.

Fans took to the High On Life Instagram page to pay their respects.

"God damn it, they were such great people. May they rest in peace," one follower wrote.

"You guys are, and always will be, a massive inspiration," read another comment.

In 2016, Lyakh and Gamble were sentenced to seven days jail time after they violated the rules at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

The pair filmed themselves leaving the assigned path to walk on a hot spring, which they later apologised for online.