Taika Waititi says Hitler role in Jojo Rabbit is 'confronting'

Taika Waititi has revealed more about his upcoming portrayal of Adolf Hitler while speaking to media at a film festival in the Czech Republic.

The Boy and Thor: Ragnarok filmmaker will play a "weird version" of the notorious German dictator in his upcoming film Jojo Rabbit, and says it's "quite confronting" to see himself in a Hitler costume.

Waititi spoke about the film at the opening ceremony of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) over the weekend.

"I play an imaginary friend who is sort of a cross between Hitler and all of this little boy's heroes. So it's all combined into this weird version of Hitler. It's not actually Hitler," said Waititi.

"I tried not to research the role. This is not like [acclaimed German Hitler film] Downfall, I'm not trying to be authentic in the portrayal."

Although he stated on Instagram that having a Polynesian Jew portray Hitler is a great way to insult the white supremacist leader, Waititi admitted the role has made him uncomfortable.

"It is very strange for me to put on the suit, to put the moustache on and things like that. It's quite confronting and I don't necessarily like seeing myself like that."

Waititi isn't the only Kiwi screen star at the KVIFF this year - Anna Paquin is presenting her latest film The Parting Glass at the festival.

Robert Pattinson, Richard Linklater, Tim Robbins, Barry Levinson and Terry Gilliam are among the other stars attending the KVIFF.

Alongside Waititi, Jojo Rabbit also stars Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell and Rebel Wilson.