Taylor Swift makes subtle dig at Kim Kardashian on snake feud anniversary

Two years to the day since Kim Kardashian infamously lashed out online at Taylor Swift, the pop star has quietly reminded fans the feud isn't over.

The 'Bad Blood' hitmaker was the target of a July 2016 tweet from the reality TV star that labelled her a snake, which came shortly after Kardashian's husband Kanye West attacked Taylor in his song 'Famous'.

Kardashian's tweet inspired countless fans to spam Taylor's social media accounts with snake emojis, only for her to later adopt the snake symbol herself and use it as the symbol of her Reputation-era rebirth.

On the two-year anniversary of that initial fateful snake tweet, fans were thrilled as Swift took to the streets in Cleveland, Ohio, flaunting a backpack emblazoned with a large, loud snakeskin print.

"Taylor Swift stepping out... wearing a snake backpack... on the anniversary of Kim Kardashian's shady tweet about her is the biggest power move I've ever seen," tweeted @oldfashioneds.

"Excuse me while I scream about the fact that Taylor Swift is out in the open carrying a bag with a snakeskin print on the two year anniversary of the day Kimberly Kardashian called her a snake on social media and the internet sent her into hiding," said @redligion.

Another fan rephrased Kardashian's original tweet to demand she apologise to Swift.

Kardashian has not yet responded on Twitter, instead sending messages promoting various products she sells.