'Tina, she's gay': The moment Harry Styles helped a girl come out to her mum

  • 15/07/2018

A young music fan told her mother she was gay with the help of one Harry Styles.

The English singer and former One Direction member is currently on his first solo world tour, and performed in San Jose, California on Wednesday night (local time).

One of the people at his concert was Grace, who had travelled across the country from Baltimore, Maryland to attend - a huge distance of 4580km.

Before the show, Grace posted a photo to social media showing the double-sided sign she'd made by hand to hold up while standing in the crowd.

"I'm gonna come out to my parents because of you!" it read.

She wrote on Twitter that she didn't expect anything out of it, but she hoped Styles would "at least see" her sign.

Grace got her wish - not only did the singer spot her sign among many in the crowd, but he even took a break from performing to talk to her.

Video filmed by Grace shows Styles asking her what her mother's name is and where she was at that moment. Grace replied that she is called Tina and she was spending the night in a hotel about four miles from the venue.

Styles then hushed the crowd and screamed "Tina, she's gay!" into the microphone.

He pretended to listen to a response from the nearby hotel, then told Grace that "Tina says she loves it". He went on to conduct the audience to chant the same phrase, and gave Grace his congratulations.

Grace posted video of the moment, along with an emotional tribute to Styles for "creating an environment where I am proud to be who I am".

"Your continuous support of the LGBTQ+ has helped me come to love myself and feel safe. Thank you for tonight and I can't wait to show Tina (my mom) this video. Love you always."

Later she posted a photo of her mother watching the footage and giving a thumbs up. Grace wrote that Tina was "overjoyed" to find out that her daughter is gay, telling her that she loves her and she can be "whoever you want to be".

In March, Styles released a song called 'Medicine' in which he says he "messes around with men and women", which many took to mean he is bisexual.

He has said in the past that he feels no need to label his sexuality.