Angelina Jolie denies divorce lawyer quitting because she's 'out for Brad Pitt's blood'

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in the middle of a bitter custody battle.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in the middle of a bitter custody battle. Photo credit: Getty

Angelina Jolie has hit back at reports her divorce lawyer is quitting because of her own behaviour.

On Saturday (local time), TMZ reported that the 43-year-old was "out for blood" in her divorce and child custody dispute with Brad Pitt, 54.

In her divorce filing, Jolie requested physical custody of the children. After the two failed to come to a private custody agreement, a judge established a new agreement in June which granted Pitt the right to spend time with his children on a regular schedule.

TMZ reported that Jolie intends to destroy Pitt's relationship with his children, quoting a source as saying she is "fuelled with anger and has gotten ridiculously unreasonable".

The gossip website also reported that Jolie's lawyer, Laura Wasser, has been driven to quit her job because of her client's hostility and aggression.

Jolie's spokesperson Mindy Nyby has refuted the claim, telling People that Ms Wasser is "not quitting now or in the future".

Another source told People that the rumour is based in misunderstanding.

"Someone is misinterpreting bringing in the experts, which is common at this point in the case," they said. "It's entering a new phase."

The couple were in a years-long relationship before marrying in 2014, but separated in 2016 due to "irreconcilable differences".

Jolie filed for divorce after Pitt was allegedly involved in an altercation with oldest son Maddox, 16, while on a private plane. She alleged that the actor was abusive to their six children, triggering an FBI investigation which ultimately exonerated Pitt.