Donald Trump Jr joins backlash against Alex Jones, Infowars 'purge'

The removal of Alex Jones and Infowars content from major internet platforms is being slammed by several right-wing commentators, including the Trump family.

Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Pinterest, LinkedIn, MailChimp and even YouPorn have deleted the infamous far-right conspiracy theorist's broadcasts, claiming he's repeatedly broken their rules.

But many popular online personalities, including recent New Zealand visitors Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, believe the move impinges on Jones' right to free speech.

Donald Trump Jr has taken to Twitter to criticise what he calls the censorship of Jones.

"Big Tech's censorship campaign is really about purging all conservative media," says US president Donald Trump's son.

"How long before Big Tech and their Democrat friends move to censor and purge @BreitbartNews, @DailyCaller and other conservatives voices from their platforms?"

Trump Jr's claim Jones is part of the "conservative media" is interesting, considering the broadcaster claims the US government is the true perpetrator of several terrorist attacks - including those carried out on September 11, 2001.

The Infowars host also claims the US government is itself secretly controlled by a shadowy international cabal called the New World Order, whose sinister deeds include turning frogs gay and running a child slave colony on Mars.

Jones claims Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are literal demons and publicly recently threatened to murder, or die trying to murder, another person he claims is demonic - Trump/Russia collusion investigator Robert Mueller.

In recent years, Jones has come under fire for propagating lies about grieving parents and survivors of mass shootings as being "crisis actors", reportedly contributing to harassment and cyber bullying of the victims.

He was also one of the leading proponents of the 'pizzagate' conspiracy theory, which led to a 29-year-old man firing an assault rifle in a Washington DC restaurant.

Politicians condemning the removal of Infowars online content include Nigel Farage and Ted Cruz, who join a chorus including the likes of WikiLeaks, Mike Cernovich, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Gavin McInnes and David Duke.

Twitter has not yet banned the official accounts of Jones or Infowars. The social network's CEO Jack Dorsey released a statement saying they haven't broken its rules.