Eli Matthewson's The Year of Magical F**king review

Warning: This article contains discussion of sexual content.

With a name like The Year of Magical F**king, Eli Matthewson's comedy routine at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe is unlikely to attract the faint of heart.

It's billed as a 'call to arms for Millennials to have more sex' because, according to a Time magazine article Matthewson read, the baby boomers were more prolific rooters when they were the same age.

The premise of the show is sex. Not in an Amsterdam sex-show kind of way. But from a here-is-what-I've-learnt-from-being-promiscuous kind of way.

Matthewson disarms the audience right from the beginning: "I'm gay, it's too late to leave. If you leave, it's legally a hate crime.

"I do think my generation is quite bad at talking about sex, and there's a reason for that - we all had quite bad sex education at school."

There's chat about periods and wet dreams, pelvic exercises and disappearing semen, and his experiences on the gay hook-up app Grindr.

For a whole hour he rolls out some cracking one-liners and brilliant anecdotes that leave the audience in stitches.

He recalls getting a Fitbit from his mum for his birthday, and what he's discovered since.

"If you masturbate with your Fitbit hand, that counts," he says. "I'm at 15,000 steps today and I haven't even left the house!"

The audience is small - around 25 people in an intimate pop-up theatre in Edinburgh's George Square. Small audience, but big laughs.

Someone once mistook the name of the show to be The Year of Magical Fracking, which prompts Matthewson to take on the demeanour of an effeminate oil drill worker.

"We've gunna drill this earth, and drill each other."

It's his first time at Edinburgh Fringe, and he's had to pay his own way. He won't make any money - but he says that's not the point.

"My friend Rose [Matafeo], when she was describing it to me, said it's a trade fair. It's like you're showing off your wares comedically to the biggest market, the most competitive market," he says.

As for the name of his show, and whether he's actually had a year of magical love-making, Matthewson is in two minds.

"I dunno if it was all magical. There's some good moments, some lovely moments, some real exploration.

"But if all you do is try and have the wild freaky sex you're meant to be having, you end up having a terrible Grindr hookup in the afternoon whose breath is so bad you feel like it's too impolite to leave."

He also reveals he's met someone special - a guy named Sam. They met on a Jetstar flight from Auckland to Wellington. Sam is back in New Zealand, and they haven't seen each other for 45 days.

"I did meet a lovely boy so The Year of Magical F**king is now focussed on just one person exclusively. Who is not here for the festival and that's been an excruciating experience.

"A year of unmagical celibacy is what I'm having right now."

Matthewson is performing 26 shows, with his last on August 27.