Ellen DeGeneres' 'disappointing' question for Crazy Rich Asians actress Constance Wu sparks backlash

Ellen DeGeneres' 'disappointing' question for Crazy Rich Asians actress Constance Wu sparks backlash
Photo credit: The Ellen Show

Ellen Degeneres is receiving a backlash on social media after a controversial interview question she put to Constance Wu, star of the new film Crazy Rich Asians.

The talk show host has been slammed for asking Constance where she was from "originally", to which the actress responded: "Richmond, Virginia."

Some of the audience members audibly laughed at the response, as Ellen questioned again: "Richmond, Virigina?"

Constance nodded "mmhmm", before the conversation moved on to how long the actress had been living in California.

Although the interview took place some months ago, Ellen reposted it on social media to coincide with the film's release. Now, online commentators are expressing their unhappiness with Ellen's choice of words, with one Facebook user calling it a "typical white person's question".

"'Where are you from originally?' Ellen, you walked right into that #thingswhitepeopledontgetasked," one comment read.

"Disappointed in Ellen, that question," said another.

Some fans praised Constance for her straightforward response, saying they were pleased that she didn't "feel obligated" to explain her heritage.

"I LOVE Constance Wu! You go girl! A non-Black POC who is here to let it be known, 'American' doesn't mean white'," wrote one fan.

Neither Ellen nor Constance have responded to the backlash.

It's not the first time acclaimed TV personality has landed herself in hot water over issues of percieved racial insensitivity.

In recent years, Ellen was criticised for posting a Photoshopped image of her 'riding' Usain Bolt, then was later accused of 'poverty porn' for posing with a group of children in Africa.

Crazy Rich Asians opens in New Zealand cinemas this week.