Elon Musk adds $1.4 billion to fortune with single tweet

Elon Musk adds $1.4 billion to fortune with single tweet
Photo credit: Instagram/Elon Musk

Business magnate and engineer Elon Musk has managed to add $1.4 billion to his already staggering wealth with a single tweet.

According to Business Insider, the Telsa CEO used just 61 characters earlier this week to boost his net worth to US$25.8 billion.

"Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured," he tweeted to his 22.3 million followers on Tuesday (local time). 

The message prompted multinational corporation Tesla's stock to soar - up by 11 per cent at the close of the day.

Musk owns 20 percent of the company, making him the largest shareholder, and the person with the most to gain from Tesla's stock market success.

The SpaceX founder went on to say he "hopes all shareholders remain" if the company does go private, which will depend on "a shareholder vote."

According to Bloomberg, despite his considerable fortune, Musk is only the world's 31st richest person.