Former TVNZ host Rawdon Christie calls for more 'care' from managers following Greg Boyed's death

Former TVNZ Breakfast host Rawdon Christie has highlighted manager's "duty to care" for their employees following the death of his ex-colleague, Greg Boyed.

Christie wrote an emotional post on his Linkedin page after the news broke of Boyed's sudden death whilst on holiday with his wife and son.

A statement from Boyed's family revealed the news presenter had been battling depression.

Christie commented on his former workmate's "warmth, brilliant wit and kindness," before tackling the issue of recognising mental illness.

"The hardest part? Knowing someone's suffering," he wrote.

"There are no outward signs."

Christie continued that it was the responsibility of family, friends and colleagues to talk, listen and build relationships, emphasising that workplace relationships are crucial.

"In my professional life, it continues to amaze me how many managers undervalue the mental wellbeing of those under their charge," he wrote.

"It may be that they don't care  or that they simply don't have the skills, which can be learned.

"It is not a manager's duty to build friendships with their staff, but it IS their duty to care," he concluded. 

Christie started at TVNZ as a reporter in 2003, and was axed as the host of the state broadcaster's Breakfast programme in 2016, having hosted the show for five years.


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