'Hide the knives!' - Sacha Baron Cohen pranks OJ Simpson on Who Is America

'Hide the knives!' - Sacha Baron Cohen pranks OJ Simpson on Who Is America
Photo credit: Showtime

The final interview in Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy series Who Is America had OJ Simpson squirming as he was hit with joke after joke about murder.

Dressed as billionaire Italian playboy Gio Monaldo, Cohen attempted to get the former sports and movie star to confess to the infamous slaying of his ex-wife and her partner.

"Me and you, we got something in common," Monaldo tells Simpson.

"We both, how you say, lady killers? You know, it's not what it sounds like. In Italian it translates to 'somebody who murders women'."

"No, I ain't kill nobody," Simpson says, while laughing.

Monaldo brings a young actress in who poses as his girlfriend and doesn't recognise Simpson when his NFL career or Naked Gun films are mentioned, but does when a stabbing murder is simulated with gesture.

"Oh, mama mia, OJ!" she exclaims.

"Oh, she knows that! Oh, Jesus," Simpson says, while laughing.

After the young lady has left the room, Monaldo says he sometimes wants to kill her, before joking with Simpson about needing his lawyer - and how to commit the murder.

Monaldo laughed as he suggested various ways he might kill his girlfriend.

"Maybe I send her on a bungee jump, you know - 'oh the cord!'" says Monaldo.

"Cord extra long - bang!" says Simpson.

When Monaldo offers Simpson some cheese, he picks up a knife and exclaims: "Hide the knives, OJ's in town!"

The season finale of Who Is America revealed that the famed interview with US politician Sarah Palin didn't end up in the series. She was the first of the show's participants to publicly complain about being 'tricked' into starring in it.

Other Who Is America guests to complain about their treatment on the show include disgraced sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Alabama judge Roy Moore and US Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California.