How to win the Bachelor's heart, according to Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins

Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins, the new star of The Bachelor Australia, reckons he's "probably more bloke-y than the average bachelor".

The international rugby star earned his Honey Badger nickname for his fearlessness on the field, but how will he fare in the game of love against a team of 25 young ladies? Streuth!

The show hits Kiwi screens next week, so I have taken the liberty of putting together this helpful guide on how to woo the next Bachelor, according to the man himself.

Don't stress about being his 'type'

"It's more about just letting the universe decide," Nick says, when asked what he looks for in a lady friend.

For him, it's less about the looks and more about the vibes.

"I don't go in wanting brown hair or blonde hair, or whatever it is," he says. 

"I go in wanting to feel it, knowing that when it's the right one - I'll know it."

Do bring the banter, but don't copy his lines

Nick loves a bit of witty repartee, as we well know from the video compilations of his larrikin comments in post-match rugby interviews.

With catchphrases like, "Going off like a bag of cats", and "Holy tomorra", Nick admits he sometimes has to "start speaking English properly" on dates. 

If you're hoping to be the Honey Badger's mate for life, you need to be able to bring some one-liner lols, but they've got to be original.

"Having their own chat is fun and cool, but putting it on? No, I wouldn't be keen on it." Nick says.

He finds attempts to mimic his silver tongue "embarrassing". So find your own animal analogies, okay?

Don't be a commitment-phobe

In the wild, honey badgers are generally solitary creatures, but Nick's pre-Bachelor dating record shows he's a serial monogamist.

"I had a three year relationship, and then a six year relationship," he says.

"I've been pretty 'taken' over the last few years".

It appears that much like a small mammal digging a sleeping burrow, Nick doesn't muck around when it comes to the pursuit of romance - and neither should you.

How to win the Bachelor's heart, according to Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins
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Do "keep it cool"

If you suspect you might find yourself flustered by Nick's curly mop, luscious moustache and sports star status, you'll need to figure out how to feign composure.

The Bachelor says one of his main motivations for joining the show was the idea that the girls wouldn't know who he was ahead of time.

"The chances of me meeting someone who wants to be there for me, not because of what they see of me, are a lot higher," he says.

Most of the ladies on the show "kept it pretty cool" when they met the Badge, which is important, because he finds any fan-girling "a bit of a turn off".

Don't be afraid to get deep

Despite what you've seen on of Nick in The Bachelor promos - riding unicorns and writhing around nude in a bed of roses - he's not about clowning around 24/7.

"I'm a human being," he says. "Who cracks jokes all day? No one."

Audiences can expect to see a different, more serious side to this Bachelor on TV, and that's a part of his personality he needs his potential partner to accept.

"Showing a bit of emotion, talking about feelings and things, it's pretty important," he says.

"These days, blokes don't do it enough."

Too right, mate. Too right.

So, now we're all clued up on the do's and don'ts of dating the Honey Badger. All that's left to do is sit back, relax and see if the show's hopeful Bachelorettes have done their due diligence.

The Bachelor Australia begins on Bravo on Tuesday, August 21, at 8.30pm.