In stitches with Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden, the Kiwi queens of comedy, at Edinburgh Fringe 2018

At a small dining table on the third floor of a four-bedroom flat in Edinburgh, comedic magic happeed right before my eyes.

Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden were having lunch, and had agreed to a quick interview about their gigs at the city's fringe festival.

But it was less of an interview and more of an impromptu comedy act.

It was 15 minutes of roaring laughter as Rose and Alice bounced wits and gags between them. It was contagious. I was laughing the whole time and so too was Newshub cameraman Simon Morrow.

I've never left an interview before with cramp in the cheek bones from smiling too much or a sore tummy from laughing too much.

It might be because most interviews I've done over the last seven years were political - or it might be because Rose and Alice are just so damn funny.

The pair are hilarious. They crack each other up. They take the piss out of each other. Their comedic chemistry is off the scale.

Instead of re-telling their jokes, just watch the full video.