Jake Howie's Read My Lips review

Warning: This article contains explicit content.

If you want to take your mum to a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, do not take her to see Jake Howie's stand-up comedy routine Read My Lips.

Unless you want to endure gags about blowjobs, anal bleaching and corrective penile surgery while sitting next to your mum, it's best you leave her at home (unless you have that kind of anything-goes relationship with your mum).

Jake Howie is relatively new on the comedic circuit. It's his first Ed Fringe this year, he's doing all the promoting himself, and his show is free/donation appreciated.

His venue is an absolute dump. It's under the archway of an industrial-age bridge and smells like a damp basement, but he's decorated it nicely with fairy lights and fabric. It's actually quite cool.

Despite all that though, Jake is seriously funny and it feels like he's been doing the Edinburgh circuit for years.

Jake Howie.
Jake Howie. Photo credit: Newshub.

Jake dominates the stage with confidence, quick wit, and has a brilliant engagement with the audience that puts everyone at ease with the adults-only content.

While the main theme of his show is optimism in a time of geopolitical upheaval with Brexit and Mr Trump, the more common theme is sex.

Be prepared for tears of laughter as he covers topics of orgasm faces, back-waxing, arse-fingering and teaching your nana about blowjobs.

It's not a show for the faint-hearted, the easily offended or super-conservative. It is a show for people who are open-minded and want to spend an hour cracking up about the more nuanced areas of sex.

His humour isn't the kind that's desperate for laughs. It's a natural, honest humour that makes us laugh about ourselves.

Jake's show also features a thread of female empowerment, using Nicky Minaj as a springboard to preach about body positivity, sexual prowess, and never letting men control you.

He's the business and I highly recommend his show if you want to let your hair down.