Johnny Danger memorial dirt bikes to hit the New Zealand market

A line of dirt bikes in memory of the late social media star Johnny Danger will soon be available in New Zealand.

The popular Instagram comedian, whose real name was Johnny Bennett, was killed in a motorcycle crash in Auckland in April. He was known for his love of the vehicles, which featured prominently on his social media alongside prank videos.

Before his untimely death the 29-year-old planned to come out with his own line of pit bikes - miniature motorcycles often used in motocross races. 

His business partner Luke Smith, a former motocross stunt man, says he spent months planning the Yambo Bikes line with Danger, which were due to be released a week after Danger's death.

He told Stuff he wasn't sure whether he should continue with the business after Danger died, but the late comedian's brother Wayne Bennett stepped in to "keep the dream live".

"We're just keeping his legacy on," Mr Bennett told Stuff. "It's just something we had to do really."

The first vehicles that would later become Yambo Bikes arrived in the country just days after Danger's death. The dirt bikes are emblazoned with the Johnny Danger logo in remembrance of him.

"Everyone who knew him knew he was a huge motorcycle fan and obviously with his passing being on a motorcycle, it shows he loved it," Mr Smith told Stuff.

The first shipment of Yambo Bikes is due at the end of August. The bikes retail for $1599 and will also be available in Australia.