Kanye West responds to backlash over Donald Trump 'black people' silence

Kanye West responds to backlash over Donald Trump 'black people' silence
Photo credit: ABC

Kanye West has attempted to clarify his response to a question about Donald Trump caring about black people, saying he "wasn't given a chance to answer".

The 'Gold Digger' hitmaker made headlines after an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live over the weekend, in which he discussed his porn-watching habits as well as the current US president.

Kanye stayed silent when asked by Kimmel if Trump cared about black people - a reference to his iconic statement about George W Bush.

The rapper has since taken to Twitter to explain what happened.

"I'm reading that I was stumped by a question. Let me clarify the click bait. I wasn't stumped. I wasn't given a chance to answer the question," says Kanye.

"The question was so important I took time to think. And then I was hit with the let's go to commercial break. That interview showed strong personalities with different opinions having a civil conversation."

He also praised Kimmel for the interview, showing particular gratitude for the shoes he was wearing.

"I was so happy when I saw Jimmy walk out in the Yeezys. That was an olive branch. He lead with love. I appreciate Jimmy and his team. You guys are Jedis. Much love."

President Trump himself took to Twitter to thank Kanye for his performance with Kimmel - which was criticised in other tweets, including from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ava DuVernay.

Kimmel also responded to Kanye's tweet, saying he was "so impressed" with the rapper and agreeing that "some answers need to be considered and a talk show with time constraints is a difficult place to do that".

One comment Kanye did make about Trump in the TV segment is that he's "a player".