Kiwi icon's son carries on legacy with new music video encouraging trades and services

The son of Kiwi icon Neil Finn is part of a new push encouraging teenagers to look at a career in the trades and services as their future, by appealing to something they're already interested in - music.

The music video for 'If You Want Me (feat. EJB)', by Elroy Finn and Jimmy Metherel's band The Hype Men, was released on Sunday as part of Got A Trade! week.

In the music video band members contort themselves to fit through nine different walls, each representing different trades and services. Not only do each of the walls represent a different career option, but every wall was constructed with the help of apprentices and trainees. Helping to encourage young people to 'find their fit' as an apprentice or trainee.

"I was very nervous [about the video] because it's not something I'd normally put my hand up to do, but I just think it's a really awesome opportunity and why not, if it's been offered? It's been great to get involved," apprentice sign-maker Louisa Jessop told Newshub.

Got A Trade! Week aims to encourage young people to consider a career in trades and services.  Creative Julie Spedding told Newshub that this year, they really wanted to catch the eye of teens by targeting them in a medium they were already interested in.

"It's in a genre that they seek out, so it's far more effective than just an advertisement," she said.

"It's a young band that has a really cool style and sound that we think is a really great fit for our target audience."

Behind the scenes of the music video's filming, which had a number of apprentices on set.
Behind the scenes of the music video's filming, which had a number of apprentices on set. Photo credit: Newshub.

Part of the appeal for a lot of people would be the fact they could earn money as they learned, while still gaining the necessary qualifications, instead of getting a student loan and ending up in debt, Ms Spedding said.

"It's also about where a trade can take you... trades and services can take you in so many different areas that people just don't think about. In reality, these guys who do plumbing [for example] are now here helping create a music video. There's just so much opportunity out there in such a wide variety of areas. It's all about finding your fit."

Mechanical engineer apprentice Paul Taurima, who worked on the sets' creation and appears in the video as a tree-feller, said he always knew university wasn't right for him and he was glad he ended up in a trade instead. But it's a path only 4 percent of school leavers take, according to Industry Training Federation.

"I always just liked being hands-on and it was sort of the best of both worlds. You're getting paid to learn, so it's a bit of a no-brainer really," he said.

He hoped the music video would help more people get involved and consider heading on that pathway themselves.

"It's sort of unreal. I've never seen a video shot like that before or even seen it on the TV... It's a good change-up really, to get some different audiences in."

For Ms Spedding, a big part of making the video was making sure young people knew what options there were out there.

"There are more people in trades and service training as than there are at university. This is about trying to show people there is another pathway, and to help people get on the right pathway, earlier in life."

Elroy Finn has previously released music alongside his famous father Neil and brother Liam Finn, before releasing his debut single 'Worth The Wait' late last year. The Hype Men's debut studio album is in progress.

This article was created for the Got A Trade! campaign.