Liam and Neil Finn on making music together as father and son

Neil Finn and his son Liam have just released the first album they've made together.

It also features cameos from Liam's mum Sharon and brother Elroy, and other guests including Fleetwood Mac drummer Michael Fleetwood.

The Finns spoke to The Project about their album Lightsleeper and what it's like to share a passion for music.

Liam says making music was never pushed on him as a child, but he picked it up naturally.

"Most kids are I think drawn to whacking drums and making noise, and it was obviously encouraged growing up in this family with so many musicians around and I formed a passion for it pretty young," he told The Project.

Neil says he likes kids song titles, including Liam's 'Glass of future'.

"Dad used to rip lyrics off me since I was real small," Liam told The Project, joking that he had a lawsuit on his hands.

Neil concedes that a lot of the best lines in his songs including Pinapplehead and the line "here comes Mrs Hairy Legs".

"Instead of comforting and cuddling me he was writing things down," Liam said.

The musicians say they have different but similar obsessive natures.

Liam says Lightsleeper evokes a space in between awake and asleep, "when you fall off the fence and jolt yourself awake".

So is life as a Finn one big party?

Neil says "We've learned a lot about the alchemy of a good time. Finns means fun, more and more."

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