Man mixes up Obama and bin Laden in excruciating quiz show fail

A US man has attempted to explain how he made one of the worst quiz show fails in television history.

Appearing on TV for ABC's The $100,000 Pyramid on Sunday (local time), and faced with a $50,000 prize, contestant Evan Kaufman was asked to name someone with the surname Obama.

But in a major and embarrassing brain fade, Kaufman got his wires crossed and gave the worst answer possible - bin Laden.

Obama, of course, is the last name of one of the most famous US presidents, while bin Laden is that of the infamous terrorist and founder of Al-Qaeda.

His answer drew outrage on Twitter, with people accusing him of both stupidity and racism.

"What kind of idiot would think, 'People with last name Obama', would think Bin Laden?" one Twitter user asked.

Now, Kaufman has responded in a thread called "Racist $100,000 Pyramid Guy", where he defended how he managed to mix up the two families.

"My son had been born two weeks prior. I am very tired but excited to win money for my family," he wrote.

"The first square flips. I breathe. I read 'People Whose Last Name is Obama.' I freeze. There's only one. BARACK OBAMA. The man I would have voted for three times!"

Unable to think of another famous member in the Obama family - which includes Michelle, Sasha and Malia - his brain jumped to what it thought was the next best thing.

"Here's what my brain decided. Who is associated with Obama? Who did he kill? What sounds like Obama!" he recollected.

"I leave with $8500... and the story of the worst pyramid guess of all-time."