Meet Milo, the singing pup

There's an Auckland pup thinks singer Charlie Puth is top dog, singing along to the star's songs whenever they play.

Six-year-old Milo has thrilled his mum Jo Campbell with his talents - even impressing The Project's team.

She captured a video of him crooning along to Puth's song 'It's Been A Long Day'.

"I think it's quite cute and he looks very cute, he's quite tuneful for a dog," she said.

Milo also has a thing for New Zealand music, singing along to Six60's 'Don't Give It Up' - but Ms Campbell reckons he'll always have a sweet spot for 'It's Been A Long Day'.

"He responds so strongly to Charlie Puth's voice," she said.

"I read once that Charlie Puth lost a dog and I think he may have been Charlie Puth's dog in another life."

Watch the video to see Milo's talent in action.



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