More FM's Gary McCormick confronted daughter's bully over 'fetish'

  • 31/08/2018

More FM radio host Gary McCormick says he kicked a student "in the backside" after discovering his "fetish" for bullying.

In an on-air broadcast earlier this week, McCormick says he went to his daughter's school and confronted her bully after discovering she was being assaulted.

"My eldest daughters went to a school where some young brat had this fetish for kicking girls in the legs," McCormick said.

"And [he] went round doing it until I went down there and kicked him in the backside and said if he ever did it again then I would be back.

"The key thing about that whole incident was he never kicked another girl in the legs again. So, it worked."

McCormick says parents' job is to protect their children and this "takes precedence" over anything else.

"If there was a bullying pattern, and my children were the victim of it, I would go down to the school and I would not be leaving till that child was brought to me," he told listeners.

"I'm going to stand there and look at that bully and squat down on the ground and eyeball them and say, something will come back and bite you, if you continue to do this."

A  More FM spokesperson said McCormick was just using a turn of phrase and didn't actually assault the boy.

"Neither MediaWorks nor Gary condone violence of any kind," they say.