Nicki Minaj leaves Stephen Colbert red-faced, speechless after rapping about 'getting' with him

Nicki Minaj leaves Stephen Colbert red-faced, speechless after rapping about 'getting' with him
Photo credit: The Late Show

Nicki Minaj left Stephen Colbert speechless and cowering under his note cards after she launched into a raunchy freestyle rap about "getting" with him.

While promoting her new album Queen on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Minaj was quizzed about her single 'Barbie Dreams.'

In the song, the Grammy-nominee lists off a bunch of famous men she deems sexually incompetent, including Drake, Eminem and DJ Khaled.

"You in no uncertain terms describe reasons why these men would not be able to, as the kids say, 'get with you'," Colbert said.

"I noticed I am not on the list of men," he continued.

"And I'm just curious, if I were to make the list, how might you inform me?"

Minaj considered this for a brief moment before launching into a brand new 'Barbie Dreams' verse crafted especially for Colbert.

"I might f**k Stephen after the show - he gonna come back to work with a magical glow," she rapped.

It's unclear exactly what the talk show host was expecting, but he appeared to be totally caught off guard, hiding his face in embarrassment as the crowd went wild.

After composing himself with a sip of water, Colbert was only able to utter a single question: "Are we still broadcasting?!"

However Minaj wasn't finished, and launched into a second line.

"But when you see us, please don't f**king stare, just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert."

Minaj made it clear throughout her appearance on The Late Show that she had a soft spot for the legendary TV personality.

She told Colbert she loved and was "obsessed" with him, at one point questioning if he was married.

While she might have been somewhat disappointed with the answer - yes, he is - she did make sure to shout out to Colbert's wife.


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