NZ 'it' girls Jess Quinn, Pebbles Hooper in nasty Instagram spat

Kiwi social media stars Jess Quinn and Pebbles Hooper are engaged in a bitter war of words with each other on Instagram.

The feud was triggered from the fallout to Kiwi mummy blogger Abby Plested's controversial post earlier this week about rehoming a dog to make her life less stressful.

Hooper, daughter of fashion designers Francis Hooper and Denise L'Estrange-Corbet, responded with several vicious messages - including stating she was "keen to cyber bully [Plested] until I get arrested".

Instagram celeb Quinn, who was a finalist in this year's Dancing With The Stars NZ, was less than impressed.

In a series of Instagram story posts - including one directed at Hooper - she went on what she called a "rant" about bullying.

"I am 100 percent done with the pain you've caused people I love," she told Hooper. "I genuinely do not care what your reasoning is, it is disgusting."

Pebbles Hooper, Jess Quinn in nasty Instagram spat over "disgusting, entitled behaviour".
Photo credit: Instagram

Not usually one to back down from a social media scrap, Hooper fired back. She posted an image of a sad-looking dog in a cage with an Instagram story post in response, directed at Quinn.

"This is the reason I am coming for your piece of shit friend - giving the world unwanted animals," she said.

"Her privilege and ignorance caused this. Don't come at me because she's too sheltered to recognise her disgusting, entitled behaviour."

Hooper also took issue with Quinn saying she doesn't "have a platform to post pretty pictures to", but rather uses it "to stand up for what I believe", pointing out examples that could be seen to contradict that sentiment.

Quinn may not have been the only person to take issue with Hooper's fiery messages about Plested. In another Instagram story post, she claimed to have made the attack for noble reasons - suggesting it would ultimately help Plested be a better person.

"I have been at the mercy of NZ media and social media for the ignorant and f**ked up comments I made in the past," said Hooper.

"Without having my arse handed to me in the most public and brutal way, I never would've been forced to reflect, learn and grow. Let Abby be blessed by the same life lesson."

In 2015, Hooper lost her job as a NZ Herald columnist after she mocked a mother and her three young children for tragically dying from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of leaving a car running in their garage.

Quinn doesn't appear to have replied to Hooper's messages to her - but has posted Instagram story images since receiving them. Instead of continuing the feud, she's posted about food, the weather and her mother.