Review: Pink's Beautiful Trauma show is beyond your wildest imagination

Here I was thinking I was coming to see one of my favourite artists perform - little did I know P!nk's definition of performance far exceeded my wildest imagination.

Her show at Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena was no mere concert.

It was P!nk meets Cirque du Soleil artistic brilliance.

Dancers filled every inch of the stage, acrobats were swinging from left to right, the set beamed with visual ecstasy - and there she was, the Mad Hatter herself.

P!nk was suspended in mid-air; bouncing, flying, flipping, dancing and singing. If there was a way to 'Get the Party Started', this was it. 

"It's not contagious," she laughed. "It's safe to touch these hands."

P!nk is not just a singer-song writer - she's also a dancer, trapeze artist and comedian.

The set-list catered to fans who have been with her since the iconic pink hair, and the ones who now know her as the legendary blonde mother-of-two. 

She of course marked the tour's namesake 'Beautiful Trauma' along with several favourites - 'Just Like a Pill', 'Funhouse', even 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' made its appearance. She gave a real P!nk '90s extravaganza.

P!nk performing at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney.
P!nk performing at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney Photo credit: AAP

P!nk flooded the arena with emotion with a pre-packaged video that spoke of the importance of acceptance in a world so rife with rejection. She explained her vision for a world without hate, without borders, or forced family separation. A world without gay marriage - but rather, just marriage. It felt like a message that spoke to us all.

In true P!nk fashion, there were no rules. She made her way past security guards taking selfies left, right and centre. 

We were introduced to each and every cast member of the show too. The musicians, the back-up singers, the dancers and even her daughter Willow, who came running onto stage. You couldn't help but smile.

And then, the big number. The all recognisable 'So What' guitar sequence started. Just when I thought it couldn't get even more ridiculous, it did. 

P!nk was once again suspended in mid-air, this time flying through the entire arena. At one point she flew right over me, I tried to take a selfie and failed, too star struck to operate the camera.

I found myself looking for flaws, but there were none. P!nk demonstrated what it means to live and breathe the arts.

When it was over, I wanted more. I could have happily sat through another two hours of what I had just experienced.

It was in this moment I realised I will always have a P!nk filter on my life.