Review: The Meg stars world's biggest prehistoric shark

Be thankful it's still not quite swimming weather. A new shark movie is swimming into cinemas - and he's a local species.

The Meg was shot in and around Auckland, and stars Jason Statham and Cliff Curtis.

Statham is Jonas, a deep-sea diver who escaped the megalodon shark once and is not in the mood to attempt it again. But of course, there's no movie if he doesn't.

Along for the megalodon ride is marine biologist Suyin and her ridiculously adorable daughter, Meiying, Rainn Wilson as the billionaire bankrolling the mayhem, and of course Curtis as Mac, mission control. Together, they must try to save themselves and a few other people from certain grisly deep-sea death at the teeth of the world's biggest prehistoric shark.

Does Pippen the cute little fluffy swimmer live to tell the tale? Well, you'll just have to buy a ticket to find out.

I'm going to anchor The Meg a long way from Steven Spielberg and drifting dangerously close to the shores of Sharknado.

Despite the obvious lack of the requisite suspense to give it the sea legs it needs to bring the fishy fright factor and the truly terrible script, somehow I still seemed to be having fun. Weird.

Two-and-half stars.